The Luc Hoffmann Institute

Work with the Luc Hoffmann Institute began in 2021 on the project ‘Exploring Responses to Corruption in Natural Resource Management and Conservation Practice’. For a decade, the Luc Hoffmann Institute collaborated with innovators, investors, thought leaders, the wider conservation community and other inter-linked sectors to question established systems and address some of the most important challenges facing nature and people. Apex’s full range of communications consultancy services on the ‘Exploring Responses to Corruption in Natural Resource Management and Conservation Practice’ project encompassed developing and implementing a project communication plan; drafting and editing all project materials; leading on strategic internal and external promotion of communication materials including the project webpage; providing input into the design of project events, marketing and promotional activities; acting as a brand guardian for the project; and working with internal and external project partners and stakeholders on shared communication materials to ensure a high standard of collaborative work. Following the virtual symposium held in October 2021 and the conclusion of the project shortly thereafter, Apex was commissioned to provide editorial and content consultancy services to the Institute on an ongoing basis. This included the delivery of the annual report, ‘10 years of Unearthing Innovation’ in late 2022. In early 2023, the Luc Hoffmann Institute transitioned to a new brand as Unearthodox. Part of Apex’s ongoing services included consultation for, and project management of, the new Unearthodox website.